Rupsha Ultra Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre

Size Type Position
2.75-14 Tube-Type Tyre Rear/Front
  • All-Season Performance: Versatile and reliable in any weather.
  • Grip and Durability: Special rubber blend resists wear and tear.
  • Advanced Technology: Optimized design for stability and comfort.
  • Symmetrical Tread: Zig-zag center rib channels water, reduces noise.
  • Cornering Performance: Rough block shoulders enhance handling.
  • Enhanced Traction: Sipes and grooves for grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Efficient Water Dispersal: Clears water, mud, and debris.
  • Durable Construction: High-tensile steel bead wire ensures attachment.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Asymmetric tread reduces rolling resistance.
  • Safety and Comfort: Ideal for safety-conscious drivers.

Rupsha Ultra Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre is a premium all-season tyre for Mishuk Auto Rickshaw. Mishuk auto rickshaws are three-wheeled vehicles that are widely used for passenger carrying and delivery purposes in mostly rural areas. They require tyres that can withstand heavy loads, high speeds and various road conditions, such as mud, gravel, sand and potholes. The Rupsha Mega Mishuk Tyre is specially designed for Mishuk auto rickshaws and offers a superior performance and a comfortable ride.

Rupsha Ultra Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre is made from a special blend of natural and synthetic rubber, which is formulated to provide excellent grip, durability, and resistance to wear and tear. The rubber is carefully selected and blended with other chemicals to achieve the desired performance characteristics, such as resistance to punctures and cuts. The tyre also incorporates the latest technology in its design and construction. Advanced computer simulations and modeling are used to optimize the tyre’s performance characteristics, such as its tread pattern, sidewall stiffness, and overall shape. This allows the tyre to deliver high levels of grip, stability, and comfort, even under challenging driving conditions.

Rupsha Ultra Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre has a symmetrical tread pattern that features a zig-zag shaped center rib and rough block shoulders. The center rib acts as a channel for water to flow through, while also enhancing steering stability and responsiveness. The block shoulders improve cornering and handling performance, as well as reduce noise and vibration. The tread also has sipes and lateral grooves that create biting edges for extra grip and traction on slippery surfaces. The grooves on both sides of the center rib and in between the tread blocks help the tyre to expel water, snow, mud and road debris, while also allowing rocks to be removed easily. The tread pattern has thick blocks on the edges that provide extraordinary gripping, acceleration, cornering and braking performance. The deep tread grooves besides the blocks provide exceptional wear resistance and increase the lifespan of the tyre. The bead wire used in the construction of the Rupsha Ultra Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre is made from high-tensile steel, which provides excellent strength and durability. The bead wire is coated with a layer of copper to improve adhesion and prevent rusting. The high-quality bead wire ensures that the tyre remains firmly attached to the rim, even under heavy loads and high-speed driving.

The Rupsha Ultra Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre is a versatile and reliable all-season tyre that delivers outstanding performance in all weather conditions.This tyre is specially designed to offer a smooth and comfortable ride on various terrains and weather conditions, such as wet, dry, snow, mud, and gravel. The tyre also has a unique asymmetric tread pattern that improves the grip and traction of the tyre on different surfaces, as well as the fuel efficiency and safety of your vehicle by reducing the rolling resistance and the braking distance. The tyre also has a high-quality compound that enhances the durability and performance of the tyre by resisting wear and tear, punctures, and cuts. It is suitable for drivers who value safety, comfort, and efficiency.