Rupsha Nawab Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre

Size Type Position
2.75-14 Tube-Type Tyre Rear/Front
  • Premium Performance: Outstanding speed, grip, and durability.
  • Road Challenges: Designed for rural areas with unpaved, rough roads.
  • Unique Tread Design: Wide zig-zag center rib reduces rolling resistance, enhances fuel efficiency.
  • Stability at Speed: Dome-shaped block shoulders for confident handling.
  • Cornering Confidence: Reinforced blocks prevent deformation during high-speed corners.
  • Even Wear: Larger shoulder tread blocks and center rib extend tyre lifespan.
  • Durable Construction: High-strength nylon carcass resists punctures and cuts.
  • Rubber Blend: Special mix for excellent grip and wear resistance.
  • Advanced Technology: Computer simulations optimize grip, stability, and comfort.

Rupsha Nawab Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre, a premium mishuk auto rickshaw tyre that offers outstanding speed, grip, and durability. The tyre is part of the Rupsha Brand, which is known for its high-quality tyres that meet the needs of demanding riders. Mishuk auto rickshaws are three-wheeled vehicles that are commonly used for transporting passengers and goods in mostly rural areas, where roads are often unpaved and rough. They require tyres that can cope with heavy loads, high speeds and various road conditions, such as mud, gravel, sand and potholes, without compromising on safety and comfort. 

Rupsha Nawab Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre has a unique tread design that is specially engineered for high-performance riding. It features a wide zig-zag shaped centre rib tread that runs along the entire circumference of the tyre. This rib helps the vehicle run faster and reduce rolling resistance, resulting in better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The rib also provides stability at high speeds, improving handling and reducing tyre wear. The tyre also has dome-shaped block shoulders that are strategically placed on both sides of the rib. These blocks give superb grip, handling, and stability on both wet and dry roads, enabling confident riding in all weather conditions. These blocks are reinforced with interlocking elements that prevent deformation under heavy cornering forces, ensuring reliable performance in high-speed corners. Rupsha Nawab Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre’s larger shoulder tread block and centre rib also reduce the chance of uneven wear, extending the tyre’s lifespan. The tyre is made of high-strength nylon carcass construction and soft compound tread that provide excellent durability and resistance to punctures and cuts.

Rupsha Nawab Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre is composed of a special mix of natural and synthetic rubber, which is designed to offer excellent grip, durability, and resistance to wear and tear. The rubber is carefully chosen and mixed with other chemicals to achieve the desired performance features, such as resistance to punctures and cuts. The tyre also incorporates the latest technology in its design and construction. Advanced computer simulations and modeling are used to enhance the tyre’s performance features, such as its tread pattern, sidewall stiffness, and overall shape. This allows the tyre to provide high levels of grip, stability, and comfort, even under challenging driving conditions.

Rupsha Nawab Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre is a high-performance tyre that is ideal for mishuk auto rickshaws. Its innovative design, high-quality materials, and advanced technology provide excellent speed, grip, and durability, making it a great choice for riders who want the best. Whether driving on a rural road or cruising on the highway, Rupsha Nawab Mishuk (2.75-14) Tyre is the perfect tyre to enhance your riding experience.