Rupsha  Extra Grip Plus Motorcycle Tyre

Size Index Position
100/90-17 55P Rear
  • Engineering Excellence: Crafted meticulously from premium-quality materials for unwavering reliability.
  • Exceptional Grip: Innovative tread pattern empowers confident cornering and acceleration.
  • Adaptable: Suitable for diverse motorcycles and riding styles, from racing to daily commuting.
  • Rain-Ready: Firm grip even on rain-drenched roads during peak traffic hours.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Striking design signals purposeful presence and inspires confidence.
  • Durability: Robust construction ensures longevity for countless miles.
  • Passion Unleashed: Elevate your riding experience with the Rupsha Extra Grip Plus.

Choose excellence for your next ride!

Introducing the Rupsha Extra Grip Plus, the pinnacle of engineering excellence that surpasses the ordinary to redefine your riding experience. Meticulously crafted from premium-quality materials, this tyre is engineered to endure the rigours of daily riding with unwavering reliability. Whether you’re threading through congested city streets or cruising down the endless stretches of the open highway, the Extra Grip Plus promises unwavering performance at every turn.

Performance at its peak: The innovative tread pattern of the Extra Grip Plus sets a new standard for exceptional grip, empowering you to confidently lean into corners and accelerate with unparalleled assurance. Feel the precise response as you twist the throttle, seamlessly translating your every command into smooth, controlled motion. Built to last, this tyre’s robust construction ensures longevity, making it a steadfast companion for countless miles ahead.

Adaptable Excellence: The Extra Grip Plus transcends boundaries, catering to a diverse range of motorcycles and riding styles. Whether you’re a fervent racing enthusiast or a daily commuter, this tyre is your steadfast ally. Picture yourself effortlessly navigating bustling traffic during peak hours—with the Extra Grip Plus, you stay firmly planted even on rain-drenched roads. On weekends, when the call of winding roads and sweeping bends beckons, experience its agile response as you push the limits of your machine. From urban streets to meandering mountain passes and endless highways, this tyre delivers unwavering performance no matter the terrain.

Elegance in Motion: Beyond its exceptional performance, the Rupsha Extra Grip Plus exudes a striking aesthetic that commands attention. Its sleek design not only catches the eye but also signals your purposeful presence on the road. Whether you’re parked at a trendy café or revving up at a race track, this tyre makes a bold statement. But it’s more than just about appearances; it’s about instilling confidence. Trust in your tyres translates to assured riding, and the Extra Grip Plus embodies that blend of performance, durability, and style to inspire unwavering confidence.

Elevate Your Ride: Prepare for every journey with the assurance that the Rupsha Extra Grip Plus brings. Where power seamlessly merges with aesthetics, every mile transforms into an exhilarating adventure. Elevate your riding experience— choose the Rupsha Extra Grip Plus, where excellence knows no bounds and every ride becomes a testament to your passion for the road.

Name Engine Front Tyre Rear Tyre
Bajaj Discover 150F 150 cc 80/100-17 100/90-17
Bajaj Pulsar 150 2018 150 cc 80/100-17 100/90-17
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon 150 cc 80/100-17 100/90-17
Bajaj Pulsar 150 SD 150 cc 2.75-17 100/90-17
Bajaj Pulsar P150 SD 150 cc 80/100-17 100/90-17
Hero Ignitor 125 125 cc 80/100-17 100/90-17
TVS Raider 125 125 cc 80/100-17 100/90-17
TVS Raider 125 Single Seat 125 cc 80/100-17 100/90-17
Yamaha SZ-RR V2 150 cc 2.75-17 100/90-17