Rupsha Gold Heavy Rickshaw Tyre

Rupsha Gold Heavy Rickshaw Tyre is the upgraded version of Rupsha Tyres’ trademark tyre, Rupsha Camel Rickshaw Tyre. Like its predecessor, Rupsha Gold Rickshaw Tyre’s tread patterns are similar to the classic competition Tyres used in marathons. Because of the design, it is possible to obtain a higher speed with much less effort than any other designed tyres. 

The Rupsha Gold Heavy Rickshaw Tyre is designed to provide maximum grip and control on any road surface. The tyre’s unique tread pattern ensures excellent handling, high curve stability, and good grip in wet conditions, making it an ideal choice for rickshaws operating in areas with heavy rainfall.

The Rupsha Gold Heavy Rickshaw Tyre is also designed to provide maximum durability and long life. The high-quality rubber and world-class compounds used in the tyre’s construction ensure protection against aquaplaning and provide excellent traction on wet and muddy roads. The tyre’s tread pattern also ensures very good road-holding at high speeds, ensuring a smooth ride for passengers even on rough and uneven roads.

In addition to the tyre’s tread pattern, the Rupsha Gold Heavy Rickshaw Tyre features a reinforced sidewall for additional strength and durability. The sidewall is the area of the tyre that connects the tread to the bead, and it is responsible for absorbing shock and protecting the tyre from damage. The reinforced sidewall of the Rupsha Gold Heavy Rickshaw Tyre helps to prevent punctures and cuts, making it a reliable and long-lasting option for heavy load carrying rickshaws.

The Rupsha Gold Heavy Rickshaw Tyre’s bead wire is made of high-quality steel and coated with copper to prevent rusting and improve adhesion. This ensures that the tyre remains securely attached to the rim, even under heavy loads and high-speed driving.

Overall, the Rupsha Gold Heavy Rickshaw Tyre is an excellent choice for those who need a reliable and durable tyre that can handle heavy loads while still providing maximum comfort for riders. With its unique tread pattern, excellent grip and control, and ability to perform well in any weather condition, this tyre is a versatile and reliable option for rickshaws and other three wheeler commercial vehicles.