Rupsha Passenger CNG (4.00-8) Tyre

Are you looking for a tube tyre that can give you a smooth and safe ride on your three wheeler? If yes, then you should check out the Rupsha Passenger CNG Tyre. This tyre is specially designed for three wheeler vehicles that run on CNG. It offers superior grip, stability, and durability on any road condition. It comes in different sizes, such as 4.00-8, to fit your vehicle perfectly.

The Rupsha Passenger CNG Tyre has a ribbed tread design that lowers the fuel consumption and increases the speed of your vehicle. The ribbed tread design has continuous grooves along the tyre that reduce the friction between the tyre and the road. This means that you can save money and time with this tyre. The ribbed tread design also improves the wet grip and prevents hydroplaning of your vehicle. Hydroplaning is when the tyre loses contact with the road because of water. This can cause the vehicle to skid or lose control. The grooves on the tyre help to remove water from the contact area, which keeps the tyre in touch with the road and improves the braking and steering performance.

The Rupsha Passenger CNG Tyre also has reinforced sidewalls that give extra support and protection to the tyre. The reinforced sidewalls are made of strong rubber and fabric layers that absorb shocks and vibrations from rough surfaces. They also prevent punctures and damages from sharp objects or edges. The reinforced sidewalls make sure that the tyre lasts longer and performs better.

The Rupsha Passenger CNG Tyre is also made of high quality rubber and other raw materials that ensure its durability and performance. The rubber used for the tyre is based on a special compound technology and formula developed by Rupsha. This technology prevents the tyre from overheating even after running for a long time. It also helps to improve the fuel efficiency and wet grip of the tyre. The other raw materials used for the tyre include carbon black, rubber processing oil, efficient accelerator and other additives that contribute to the strength, elasticity, and resistance of the tyre. The tyre also has fabric layers embedded in the sidewalls that provide reinforcement and protection to the tyre.

The Rupsha Passenger CNG Tyre is a tube tyre that provides great grip, stability, and durability for three wheelers. It has a modern tread design that saves fuel and improves wet grip. It also has reinforced sidewalls that protect and support the tyre. The Rupsha Passenger CNG Tyre is a smart and economical choice for three wheeler drivers who want to enjoy a smooth and safe ride on any road.