Rupsha Asia CNG (4.00-8) Tyre

Rupsha Asia CNG (4.00-8) Tyre has a symmetrical tread pattern with five solid continuous ribs. This tyre featured a sawtooth type design. Sawtooth type design is known for handling any road surface with a well balanced gripping ability. This Tyre is designed to offer high mileage, thanks to its specially formulated rubber compound. The tyre is built to last, with a tough construction that resists punctures and cuts. The tyre is designed to reduce rolling resistance, which helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

The rubber used in the Rupsha Asia CNG (4.00-8) Tyre’s construction is specially formulated to provide high mileage and durability. It is made from a blend of natural and synthetic rubber, which are carefully chosen to achieve the desired performance characteristics. The chemical composition of the rubber is critical in determining the tyre’s strength, resilience, and grip. The Rupsha Asia CNG (4.00-8) tyre’s bead wire is made from high-tensile steel, which provides excellent strength and durability. The bead wire is coated with a layer of copper to improve adhesion and prevent rusting. The use of high-quality bead wire ensures that the tyre remains firmly attached to the rim, even under heavy loads and high-speed driving. Rupsha Asia CNG (4.00-8) Tyre has dual layered sidewalls, making it more robust for added protection and increasing the ability to carry heavier loads. The high-quality tread compound used in Rupsha Asia CNG Tyre (4.00-8) maximises the tyre life. The reinforced sidewall, flat tread, and special compounding are built for longer tyre life and extra resistance against side impacts. 

Finally, the manufacturing process of the Rupsha Asia CNG (4.00-8) Tyre tyre involves strict quality control measures to ensure that the product meets the highest standards of quality and performance. The tyre is subjected to rigorous testing at every stage of production, from the selection of raw materials to the final inspection of the finished product. This ensures that every tyre that leaves the factory is of exceptional quality and capable of delivering outstanding performance.