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CNG Auto Rickshaw is a compressed natural gas powered four-seater auto rickshaw that is designed to provide a convenient, affordable and eco-friendly public transportation option in Bangladesh. CNG Auto Rickshaw is powered by a CNG cylinder that can be refilled at designated stations. The CNG cylinder can run for up to 100 kilometers on a single refill, and can be swapped with a fully filled one at designated stations. CNG Auto Rickshaw has a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour, and can carry up to 400 kilograms of passengers and cargo. CNG Auto Rickshaw also has a digital meter, GPS navigation, LED lights, and a smart app that allows users to book rides, pay fares, and rate drivers.

CNG Auto Rickshaw has a positive effect on the environment, as it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, air pollutants, and noise that are associated with conventional auto rickshaws that run on fossil fuels. According to a study by the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, CNG auto rickshaws can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 85%, and particulate matter emissions by 90% compared to diesel auto rickshaws. CNG auto rickshaws can also save fuel costs, as CNG is cheaper than diesel in Bangladesh. Moreover, CNG auto rickshaws can improve the health and safety of drivers and passengers, as they are less exposed to harmful exhaust fumes and engine noise.

Rupsha Tyres is a leading manufacturer of tyres and tubes for CNG Auto Rickshaw. Rupsha Tyres is proud to be part of the initiative to increase and develop this eco-friendly public transportation by producing high-quality tyres for CNG Auto Rickshaw. Rupsha Tyres has introduced three different types of tyres for CNG Auto Rickshaw, all of which have their unique designs for different terrains and needs. These are:

– Rupsha Alion CNG Tyre: This tyre is designed for smooth and comfortable rides on urban roads. It has a low rolling resistance, a high load capacity, and a long tread life.

– Rupsha Asia CNG Tyre: This tyre is designed for hot and humid weather conditions. It has a special rubber compound that resists heat and wear, and a tread pattern that enhances grip and stability on wet roads.

– Rupsha Passenger CNG Tyre: This tyre is designed for passenger and commercial use. It has a reinforced sidewall, a high load index, and a tread pattern that optimizes load distribution and braking performance.

Rupsha Tyres is committed to providing the best tyres for CNG Auto Rickshaw, and to supporting the growth and innovation of this eco-friendly public transportation in Bangladesh. Rupsha Tyres believes that CNG Auto Rickshaw and Rupsha Tyres are a perfect match for a greener and smarter mobility solution.