In the realm of underground engineering, road tunnels are outstanding feats that conquer both horizontal and vertical landscapes. While long road tunnels are remarkable in their own right, the depth at which some of these tunnels descend adds an extra element of awe and complexity to their construction. Join us as we embark on a thrilling exploration of the ten deepest road tunnels worldwide, where human ingenuity and engineering prowess defy gravity.

  1. Zhongnanshan Tunnel, China – The deepest road tunnel on Earth, the Zhongnanshan Tunnel in China takes the lead, plunging an astounding 1,816 meters below the surface. Carved through the Zhongnan Mountains, this monumental tunnel connects Xi’an and Hanzhong, providing a crucial transportation route across China.
  2. A86 Tunnel, France – Diving deep beneath the streets of Paris, the A86 Tunnel reaches a remarkable depth of 100 meters. This circular tunnel encircles the city, enabling swift transportation around the French capital while navigating the complex urban landscape.
  3. Yulhyeon Tunnel, South Korea – Not only one of the longest tunnels, but also one of the deepest, South Korea’s Yulhyeon Tunnel descends to a depth of 98 meters. This tunnel overcomes challenging geological conditions, connecting Mokpo and Gwangyang and enhancing the country’s transportation network.
  4. Smart Tunnel, Malaysia – As an innovative solution to urban flooding and traffic congestion, Malaysia’s Smart Tunnel descends to a depth of 76 meters below Kuala Lumpur. This dual-purpose tunnel serves as both a roadway during dry weather and a stormwater diversion tunnel during heavy rains, mitigating flood risks.
  5. Mont Blanc Tunnel, France and Italy – The iconic Mont Blanc Tunnel, known for its picturesque Alpine setting, submerges to a depth of 57 meters beneath Europe’s highest peak. Connecting France and Italy, this tunnel serves as a vital link for travelers journeying between Chamonix and Courmayeur.
  6. Nihonkai Tunnel, Japan – Plunging to a depth of 45 meters, Japan’s Nihonkai Tunnel meanders beneath the Sea of Japan. This subaquatic marvel connects the coastal cities of Akita and Aomori, demonstrating Japan’s commitment to efficient and reliable transportation infrastructure.
  7. Lærdal Tunnel, Norway – Norway’s Lærdal Tunnel, renowned for its length, also ventures below the surface to a depth of 40 meters. Descending beneath the mountainous terrain, this tunnel represents a groundbreaking engineering achievement, connecting Lærdal and Aurland amidst Norway’s scenic landscapes.
  8. Bohai Bay Tunnel, China – Lowering to a depth of 38 meters below the Bohai Sea, the Bohai Bay Tunnel strategically links Dalian and Yantai in China, significantly reducing travel time and fuel consumption. This impressive tunnel represents yet another testament to China’s dedication to advancing its transport infrastructure.
  9. Yan’an Beilu Tunnel, China – Nestled beneath Beijing’s bustling streets, the Yan’an Beilu Tunnel is a crucial thoroughfare that plunges to a depth of 36 meters. Facilitating efficient movement through the city’s urban center, this tunnel is instrumental in managing traffic congestion in the Chinese capital.
  10. Eysturoyartunnilin, Faroe Islands – The Eysturoyartunnilin, descending to a depth of 31 meters below the seabed, is situated in the picturesque Faroe Islands. This undersea tunnel connects the islands of Streymoy and Eysturoy, providing a vital link for residents and visitors alike.

These deep road tunnels are not only engineering marvels but also triumphs of human tenacity and innovation. By venturing into the vertical realm, they traverse challenging terrains, harness hydrological obstacles, and tame mighty mountain ranges. They stand as sublime testaments to mankind’s ability to shape the world around us and connect people, places, and possibilities.

As innovation and ambition continue to drive the evolution of transportation infrastructure, we can only wonder what new depths will be conquered in the future. As we explore the depths of these tunnels, we are reminded of the resolute spirit of exploration and discovery that pushes us beyond the limits and into uncharted territories beneath the Earth’s surface.